‘Emaar Misr’, in cooperation with Misr El Kheir Foundation, announced launching the first phase of “Beyout Al Kheir” project to improve the living conditions of thousands of less privileged families in Egypt’s villages and governorates.

Stemming from Emaar Misr’s belief in its development role, the company launched “Beyout Al kheir” which is considered one of the largest development projects in Egypt. The company is keen to apply a sustainable development model and improve the living standards of families in need through constructing and developing economical residential units, as well as providing job opportunities and income-generating projects in Egypt’s villages and governorates.

“Our success in Egypt is based on the Egyptian society’s confidence in our projects, and it is our duty and social responsibility to pay back to the community. We’re pleased to cooperate with Egypt’s leading development organization; Misr El Kheir,” Mohamed Al Abbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties, said.
“For each unit we build in Emaar projects across Egypt, we’ll build a residential unit for less privileged families in Egyptian villages,” He added.

The project merges the private sector’s efforts, represented in Emaar Misr for Development, and the civil society’s efforts, represented in Misr El Kheir Foundation and the Egyptian government, to support and boost the living standards of Egyptian needy families.

“Since Misr El Kheir’s inception, we were keen to achieve joint cooperation between the private sector, the government sector, the civil society organizations, and the media. Misr El Kheir Foundation is pleased to cooperate with Emaar Misr, where the company’s and the foundation’s objectives have met to improve the living standards of the less privileged categories in the Egyptian society,” Ali Gomaa, Chairman of Misr El Kheir Board of Trustees, said.

The details of the cooperation protocol will be announced in a press conference early next month, sponsored by Emaar Misr and Misr El Kheir foundation in the presence of representatives from the Ministries of Social Solidarity and Housing and Urban Development, in addition to representatives from Egyptian government entities and many public figures.

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