You can donate to Misr Elkheir Foundation via your bank account, using the swift code and account number below:  

National Bank of Egypt

Currency SWIFT Code Account No.  Account
EGP NBEGEGCX 0773060291408300085  Sadaka
EGP NBEGEGCX 0773060291408300019 Zakat
EGP NBEGEGCX 0773060291408300052 Gharmeen
EGP NBEGEGCX 0773060291408300041 Relief
USD NBEGEGCX 0773060291408300028 Sadaka
USD NBEGEGCX 0773060291408300030 Zakat
USD NBEGEGCX 0773060291408300110 Relief
Euro NBEGEGCX 0773060291408300096 Zakat
SAR NBEGEGCX 0773070291408300052 Sadaka
SAR NBEGEGCX 0773070291408300074 Zakat
SAR NBEGEGCX 0773070291408300019 Relief
QAR NBEGEGCX 0773070291408300030 Zakat


Currency SWIFT Code Account No.  Account
EGP EBBKEGCX 023-100100-001  Sadaka
EGP EBBKEGCX 023-100100-002 Zakat
EGP EBBKEGCX 023-100100-003 Gharmeen
EGP EBBKEGCX 023-100100-005 Relief
USD EBBKEGCX 023-100100-110 Zakat

CIB Bank

Currency SWIFT Code Account No.  Account
EGP CIBEEGCXX 100011274751  Sadaka
EGP CIBEEGCXX 100009378205 Zakat

Arab African International Bank

Currency SWIFT Code Account No.  Account
EGP ARAIEGCX 0101013932001  Sadaka
EGP ARAIEGCX 0101013932002 Zakat
EGP ARAIEGCX 0101013932006 Gharmeen
EGP ARAIEGCX 0101013932008 Relief

QNB Alahli (Champollion Branch)

Currency SWIFT Code Account No.  Account
EGP QNBAEGCXXX 13061-20310130180  Sadaka
EGP QNBAEGCXXX 13061-20310130165 Zakat
EGP QNBAEGCXXX 13061-20311828863 Gharmeen
EGP QNBAEGCXXX 13061-20312720709 Relief

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