Misr Elkheir Board of Trustees (BOT) consists of some of the Egyptian society leaders, and experts in all fields. They are volunteering with both efforts to supervise the foundation activities and to provide unique services including their consultancy in scientific and financial fields to develop the foundation.

A quarter annual meeting for the board of trustees held to discuss:

  • Developing the vision and mission of the foundation.
  • Fundraising for the foundation.
  • Developing connections with other entities.
  • Selecting, hiring and supporting the executive board of trustees.
  • Approving the annual budget.

Find the BOT members photos on the photo album.

Photos were taken at the event of tender development event in 2015

Prof. Dr. Ali GomaaProf. Dr. Ali Gomaa (Chairman of the Board of Misr Elkheir Foundation)

Dr. Ali Gomaa Mohamed Abd El-Wahab was born in Beni Suif at 1952, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic and Arabic Studies from Al-Azhar University in 1979, and his Master’s Degree in Juristic Methodology in 1985, and his Ph.D. in 1988 from the same University.

Dr. Ali Gomaa went to teach at the School of Islamic and Arabic Studies at Al-Azhar University. He was appointed to the seat of Grand Mufti of Egypt in 2003, a position that he held until his retirement in 2012.

Dr. Ali Gomaa has served in numerous international bodies where he has been active in shaping the methodology of teaching Islamic and Arabic studies, as well as being a vigorous spokesperson for interfaith dialogue. Dr. Ali Gomaa serves as a Trustee of the Coexist Foundation. Dr. Ali Gomaa has more than 70 Islamic books and publications, and a lot of researches and scientific breakthroughs, and he participated in more than 150 scientific conferences in more than 30 countries.
Dr. Gomaa is one of the key founders of the Misr Elkheir Foundation in Egypt and has served as the Chairman of the Board since its founding in 2007.

Mr. Abdelhamid Abu MousaMr. Abdelhamid Abu Mousa (First Deputy of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees)

Mr. Abu Mousa obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Cairo University in 1961, and a Graduate Diploma in Fundraising in the same university in 1968, and he has graduated in “Luigi Bocconi” University in Milano in the Bank Economies field at 1969.
Mr. Abu Mousa built his career at the Central Bank of Egypt, until he moved to Faisal Islamic Bank in 1979. He currently holds the post of the Governor of the Bank in Egypt.

Also, he is a member of several banking and financial institutions, including the Chief of Egyptian-Saudi Business Council, the Chairman of the International Company for Leasing  “Incolease Egypt”, the Vice Chairman of the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions in Bahrain. He works as a member in the Islamic Financial Services Board, Malaysia, and the Board of Accounting and Auditing for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions in Bahrain, the Egyptian Awqaf Authority Council, the Board of Supervisors of Islamic Finance House in Geneva, Ithmar Bank Council in Bahrain, the Egyptian European Council, Ayadi Company for Investment and Development Council in Egypt, Medor Company for Electricity Council, The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Takaful Insurance “property and responsibilities, and the Faculty of Commerce in Zagazig University Council.

Mr. Mohamed AshmawiMr. Mohamed Ashmawi (Second Deputy of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees)

Mr. Ashmawi obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in 1975. He began his banking career at Banque Du Caire as a credit analyst and then moved to Chase National Bank of Egypt (present-day Commercial International Bank) where he climbed the corporate ladder to become the Executive Director of the Bank in 2005.

Mr. Ashmawi has also served on the boards of several commercial, life assurance, and agricultural firms. He is currently CEO and Executive Director of the United Bank.

Mr. Mohsen Mahgoub Mr. Mohsen Mahgoub (Treasurer of Misr Elkheir Foundation)

Mr. Mahgoub holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Egyptian Military Academy, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Cairo University. He also holds a Masters in Social Sciences from the Institute of Islamic Studies.
Mr. Mahgoub has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of investment, finance, operations management, economic and financial consulting, as well as business development. He has also served on the boards of various entities including banks, investment firms, and pharmaceutical companies. Also, Mr. Mahgoub is also an active philanthropist who has helped co-found several developmental and charitable entities, not least of which is the Misr Elkheir Foundation that he helped found in 2007. He currently holds the post of Treasurer of the Foundation.

Mr. Khaled El-GhannamMr. Khaled El-Ghannam (The General Secretary)

Mr. El Ghannam obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Ain Shams University in 1979. Mr. El Ghannam has over 20 years’ experience in commercial auditing.

He is certified by the Egyptian Central Bank, the Central Auditing Organization, the Ministry of Finance, and the Egyptian Financial
Supervisory Authority.

Mr. El Ghannam has held several key auditing posts in both national and international firms.

Mr. Abd El-Aziz AlyMr. Abd El-Aziz Aly (Executive Trustee)

Mr. Abd El-Aziz obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the Egyptian Military Academy in 1966. He is a decorated veteran of the Egyptian Armed Forces after his participation in 1967 War, War of Attrition in 1970 and then in the October 1973 War.

He went on to study Commerce at Cairo University and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in 1979. In that same year, he co-founded the snack company Chipsy, which went on to become one of the largest companies in the region until its purchase by PepsiCo. Mr. Abd El-Aziz served as Executive Trustee of Chipsy until 2002, after which he went on to co-found and run several agricultural companies as the company of “Almasreyeen” for dairy products. He is currently holding the post of Executive Trustee of the Misr Elkheir Foundation.

Archbishop Mouneer Anis Archbishop Mouneer Anis

Bishop of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, and The Primate of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.
Dr. Mouneer Anis received his Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery at Cairo University, Egypt in 1974. From 1979-2000 he served at Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf both as a Resident and from 1980 as the Director of the Hospital.
Dr. Mouneer received a Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at the London School of Tropical Medicine. In 1993, Dr. Mouneer received a Certificate in Hospital Management and Administrations from the School of Public Health at the University of California.
In 1999, Dr. Mouneer has ordained a priest and served at All Saints Cathedral, Cairo. He did practical and theological training at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia, the Diocese of Canterbury in Kent (UK) as well as at Nashotah House in Wisconsin, USA. In 1999 he was elected by the Diocesan Synod to be the third Egyptian Bishop of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa. In 2007, Archbishop Mouneer was elected as the Primate of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East. He was re-elected to serve another term as Primate in 2012. He was elected chairman of the Global South Anglicans of the Anglican Communion in 2012.

Mr. Hassan El-KhatibMr. Hassan El-Khatib

Hassan ElKhatib is currently Managing Director Equity, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EBRD, previously director of the Southern Eastern Mediterranean Region, Industry Commerce and Agribusiness EBRD. Between February 2007 and June 2011, Mr. ElKhatib was Managing Director, the Carlyle Group, the MENA Fund, overlooking investments in North Africa and part of Carlyle MENA fund. Prior to joining Carlyle he was Managing Partner of EFG-Hermes Private Equity, a leading investment bank in the Middle East with operations in Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. Prior to EFG-Hermes, Mr. ElKhatib was a Partner at Commercial International Investment Company “CIIC”, a leading private equity company based in Egypt. Prior to CIIC, Mr. ElKhatib was deputy general manager at AlAhly for Development and Investment a General Private Equity Company with several specialized investment vehicles and Funds.
Mr. ElKhatib had served as a board member in numerous board that covers insurance, industry, pharmaceutical, tourism, real estate, oil and gas, telecommunication and textiles.
Mr. ElKhatib received his MBA from California State University, Sacramento, CMA from the Institute of International Accountants, BS from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering.
Mr. ElKhatib served previously as the chairman of the Egyptian Private Equity Association, treasurer The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies ECES, board member of the Egyptian National Competitiveness Council ENCC, and a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board of the School of Business, the American University in Cairo.
Mr. ElKhatib also served as ex-chairman of the Egyptian Junior Business Association, ex-board member of the Egyptian Institute of Directors, ex-board member of the board of trustees of the General Authority for Investment, ex-board member the strategic advisory committee NILEX.

Eng. Salah El-WazzanEng. Salah El-Wazzan

Mr. El-Wazzan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of North Carolina. Mr. El-Wazzan has several key investments in the fields of education and health in Kuwait and other GCC countries. He is currently CEO of the El-Wazzan Health Services Company, and the Executive Director of the El-Wazzan Educational Services Company, in addition to serving in executive positions in other entities.

Mr. El-Wazzan has a particular interest in educational institutions, serving on the board of trustees of the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait, and Northeastern University in Boston.

Dr. Ali MeselhiDr. Ali Meselhi

Dr. Meselhi obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Egyptian Military Technical College in 1971, a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Paris in 1977, and his Ph.D. in 1980.

Dr. Meselhi pursued a career in academia as a Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Science at the Military Technical College until 1991. During the period 1999-2002, Dr. Meselhi served as Chief Consultant to the Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology. During the period 2006-2011, he served as the Minister of Social Solidarity.

Dr. Mohamed RifaiDr. Mohamed Rifai

Dr. Rifai holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from Ain Shams University and a Master in Public Health from Cairo University.

He is active in the fields of human resources and community development.

He served in executive positions in several Egyptian development foundations.

Dr. Rifai served as Vice Minister of Youth Affairs during the period 2011-2012.

Mr. Mohamed MahgoubMr. Mohamed Mahgoub

Mr. Mohamed Mahgoub holds a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and international business administration from MSA in 2006. Upon graduation, Mahgoub worked at EFG-Hermes in the investment banking and financial analysis from 2006 till 2008. He worked as director of development at the House Business Consulting.

Mr. Mohamed Mahgoub still holds a number of prestigious positions at major companies and financial institutions, He is Chairman of the Advisory Board Argo Company since 2009 and a member of the Investment and Trade Committee from 2012 till 2013. And a member of the Internal Audit Committee of Ibn-Sina Pharmaceutical Industries since 2009. He is the founder and managing partner of Sky Livestock Company in 2011 and Managing Director of Munchies Company in 2014 till present. In addition to his several activities in the social work and community services as a member of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee of Misr Elkheir foundation.

Dr. Hany HelalDr. Hany Helal

Hany Helal is currently Professor of Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. He is an expert in Higher Education Reform, Science & Technology, Innovation policies, and Entrepreneurship. He has a long experience in international cooperation, management, and cultural activities. He used to be the former Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research, January 2006 – February 2011 and former President of Senghor University, March 2004 – June 2010. In July 2005, he was appointed the Secretary-General of the Education Development Fund, Egypt until September 2009. He worked as the Egyptian Cultural and Scientific Counselor in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland, and the Director for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Office in the Egyptian Embassy, Paris, France, from June 1998 to September 2002. He was the National TEMPUS Coordinator (EU Higher Education Enhancement program), October 2002 – December 2005. He acted as UNESCO Consultant / Interim Administrative Director, International Centre for Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Sciences and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME), Jordan, from October 2002 to December 2005. He was a Program Specialist and National Professional Officer, Earth Sciences, UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Technology for Arab States, September 1993 – June 1998. Hany Helal was graduated from Mining engineering department, Faculty of Engineering Cairo University, in 1974. He got his ‘Diplôme de Docteur Ingénieur’, Earth Sciences (Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology) from ‘Ecole des Mines de Nancy, Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine’, Nancy, France, September 1979 – March 1982. He is a member of several committees and associations and has several publications in the fields of rock mechanics, engineering geology, cultural heritage preservation, and restoration. He has developed strategic reform plans for Higher Education and Science and Technology in Egypt. Hany Helal has received several awards, including the “Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany”, June 2008 and, the ”Grade d’Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques”, Ministère de l’Education National, de l’enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, France, Novembre 2005.

Dr. Niazy SallamDr. Niazy Sallam

He obtained a B.A. in Commerce from the Accounting Department of Cairo University in 1973. He completed several courses in management and domestic and international marketing from the AUC. He founded and led a number of companies in the field of engineering industries; domestic and international trade, specialized contracting works; food industries; real estate development for a 40-year period such as: Olympic Electric, Delta Industrial (IDEAL), Specialized Contracting Works Co. Ofouq Company for Trade and Contracting Works, Rich Foods (Al-Lehemy), Namaa’ for Investment and Real Estate Development, Mountain View for Real Estate Development. As for his public domain work, he headed the Chamber of Engineering Industries in the Egyptian Federation of Industries, the Export Council for Engineering and Electronic Industries and the General Division for Home Appliances and Equipment. He is also a member of the General Federation for Chambers of Commerce. As for community and charity work, he has engaged in founding and heading the Egyptian Food Bank, Al-Shifaa’ Bank and the Clothes Bank (Al-Kissaa’ Bank) and Al-Amal Bank for Training and Employment. He participated in founding Misr Elkheir Foundation, “Ma’an” Foundation for the Development of Squatter Areas and “Wahed men El-Nas” Foundation. He is a Board of Trustees member in the 57357 Child Cancer Hospital; member of the Board of Directors of
the Liver Transplant Hospital and Council member of the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University.

Prof. Dr. Ikbal El-SamaloutyProf. Dr. Ikbal El-Samalouty

Prof. Dr. Ikbal El-Samalouty, the Former Chancellor of the higher institute of social service, the Professor of development and social planning. She works as an activist in the field of social work, and as the Chairman of “Hawaa El-Mostakbal” Association and the Charity Organization “Al-Ekbal”, and an elected member for four cycles in the General Federation of NGOs.
She worked as an elected representative for civil society organizations in CCNGO, a Certified Consultant at the Regional UNESCO, at the Education board at “Bait Al-Aela” and the National Committee For Combating Human Trafficking, and a Consultant at the National Council for Women. Also, she worked on studies and scientific models and prototypes in the fields of Society Development, Women, Sustainable Education, Community Organization, and Spreading the Culture of Volunteering.

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